Wednesday 8 August 2012


You'll never know if you like prints more than plains till you try them out! - Personal experience

At home I had always thought of myself as more of a 'plains in cute colors' kind of person rather than a 'heavy duty prints' person whereas in personal style I gradually learnt to be more adventurous. But thanks to my Mom who continues to showering me with bed & table linen in bright prints even after my repeated requests to stop, I was forced to use them out of love for her. And as I continue to do so I realize how much more one can experiment with them. 

You know its pretty easy to mix and match plain colors but doing the same with patterns is as challenging. But once you start rattling your brain on what goes with what, you wouldn't wanna stop. And the end result my friends...very fulfilling! 

Some ground rules that work for me so far:

  • Let one of the prints be bold & stand out, the rest can be comparatively smaller and maybe in a more subtle shade (remember! the idea is to go easy on the eyes and make a statement) 
  • You don't always need patterns of the same family, contrasts can work too eg. flowery & ikat or abstract, damask & stripes etc.
  • If you are using printed accessories like cushions on a plain couch or a bed spread, it never hurts to play with patterns & colors of different families
  • Always go with your heart first, opinions come after and changes are ongoing.
P.S. - These rules are born out of my personal opinion, which off course is influenced by what I observe & read about in the beautiful world of Interiors. 

I'd love to get your thoughts on this and try out new things going forward, so do write in please. 

Image: isuwannee

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