Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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Monday, 27 August 2012


U know those times when you see some place and it looks a little unreal, it makes you wonder what it must feel like to live in a place like that? That's how I felt when I lay my eyes on these pristine babies, check them out...

Images: T.B.H.Co
The decorating trick here seems to be that single focal point in each room. This focal point could be a pop of color or the shape or size of an accessory, but it has to shout out to you when you enter the room. 

Now go back up and notice the black chandelier(very boho!) - Room1, the over sized mirror - Room2, the tan leather chair - Room3, the larger than life map in a frame - Room4 and the unmissable barn door - Room5. Each one of these items add that 'wow' factor to the rooms while the heavenly white backdrops create the perception of space. 

# Lesson: Going subtle and single shaded (pastels if not white) in those tight areas in the house will help add the space effect and in order to liven it up, go fetch a showstopper. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Melbourne...U beauty!

What if someone told you 'It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!'? What's your first reaction?

Well for someone who digs beauty, art & design in all its forms it's only natural to get over the top excited and want to jump off her third floor balcony forgetting the fact that she is missing wings. I hope someone is there to stop me from the madness if the above mentioned statement pops in my inbox a month from now. 

A few years ago my cousins were staying in Melbourne and my Massi (Mom's sister) must have invited us over a million times. But owing to several things that were going on in our lives like school holidays would clash with Papa's work at times and something or the other would keep coming up at other occasions, so we never got to go. And then they moved!

That was then and now things are different. I have full control over my life (well almost!) and say I get a chance to visit the place, what is it that I would do you ask? Picture this...

Take 1
It's a beautiful spring morning, my husband(B) and I are sipping delicious coffee at a cozy cafe. We finish with our yummy parfait and sandwiches and head straight to the Johnston Collection (museum) - belonging to Late William Robert Johnston, an antique dealer and collector. As our day is dedicated to museums and architecture this had to be an obvious choice for me to start. Housing a collection of 16th to 19th century decorative items, this place is remarkable and notably an inspiration for futuristic designs. While taking in every bit of the display breath by breath and daydreaming about  how i'd re-dress the place if given a chance one day (which by the way was a tradition started by Johnston himself), I try not to catch up with B who is already on the other end of the room. 

The Johnston Collection

The next stop is the National Sports museum where B and I seem to have interchanged our enthusiasm & pace. We follow this up with visits to Old Melbourne Gaol, Old treasury building, Melbourne museum, St. Patrick's & St. Paul's Cathedrals, Flemington Heritage centre and some click-click with frequent stops at some cafes & restaurants on the Brunswick Street. 

Take 2
We are at the federation square and a street artist accompanied by a couple of more people meet us here.  What are we in for? Today we check out the Melbourne Street Art scene.
As we move from alleys to arcades in the city, our guide who is a local street artist explains the relevance of art forms drawn on the streets. This avant-garde art is an expression of various artists and not frivolous graffiti. Be it an opinion on a political issue or an environmental issue, it's all there. At the end of 2 hours we reach The Blender Studio. It is a massive structure where we watch artists at work. We chat up some of them while sipping good wine and this great journey comes to an end. 
My mind feels like a white wall which has been sprayed on with thoughts of different artists as I leave the studio, I know I'll apply them somewhere someday.  

Blender Studio Wall 

It's late in the evening, I have my party shoes on and we are ready to hit a hip club in the city. Time to experience the night life at Melbourne.

Take 3
Its the day I had dreamt of many a times while doing the daily round of my favorite blogs. 
9 am, seated in a comfy spot at a studio, Abigail Ahern is about to begin her Master Class at Melbourne. I am ecstatic and can hardly contain myself. As I listen to the inspiring ideas that she shares I am even more intrigued than the first time I read her blog. The way she talks about the use of colors and objects , it makes me feel like I'm in a different world and never had I imagined things in this way. She finally spares a few minutes to have a quick word with me personally, I tell her how I love reading her blog everyday and try to ask as many questions possible. 
I think of the nights ahead which I'll spend dreaming about this day. 

Abigail Ahern

Take 4
The day is about to break out, B & I can hardly feel our heads with excitement. Its our first hot air balloon flight ever and we cant wait for it to take off. My heart is pounding as my phobia of heights takes over but I also know B will somehow make it go away as always. We can now see the Yarra valley and the vineyards beneath us as we sip champagne. This is going to be one of the most memorable breakfasts of our lives. 

Hot Air Balloon ride over Yarra valley

Wow! I'd like to believe I painted a pretty picture here from pieces of my imagination without actually ever visiting the place. What about y'all? Do write in to tell me about your experiences and for those of you wondering what got me so crazed out about this...goto 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


You'll never know if you like prints more than plains till you try them out! - Personal experience

At home I had always thought of myself as more of a 'plains in cute colors' kind of person rather than a 'heavy duty prints' person whereas in personal style I gradually learnt to be more adventurous. But thanks to my Mom who continues to showering me with bed & table linen in bright prints even after my repeated requests to stop, I was forced to use them out of love for her. And as I continue to do so I realize how much more one can experiment with them. 

You know its pretty easy to mix and match plain colors but doing the same with patterns is as challenging. But once you start rattling your brain on what goes with what, you wouldn't wanna stop. And the end result my friends...very fulfilling! 

Some ground rules that work for me so far:

  • Let one of the prints be bold & stand out, the rest can be comparatively smaller and maybe in a more subtle shade (remember! the idea is to go easy on the eyes and make a statement) 
  • You don't always need patterns of the same family, contrasts can work too eg. flowery & ikat or abstract, damask & stripes etc.
  • If you are using printed accessories like cushions on a plain couch or a bed spread, it never hurts to play with patterns & colors of different families
  • Always go with your heart first, opinions come after and changes are ongoing.
P.S. - These rules are born out of my personal opinion, which off course is influenced by what I observe & read about in the beautiful world of Interiors. 

I'd love to get your thoughts on this and try out new things going forward, so do write in please. 

Image: isuwannee