Thursday, 22 September 2011

What an Item!

Hey Folks! If redecoration is on the cards for your home, today's post might work as some inspiration. Here are some simple yet brilliant items which made me let out a ''wish i had it'' Sigh!

I love the way the framed pieces of art and the false head are placed over the fireplace giving a streamlined look. In an Indian home this look could work very well over a console table set up in the living room or the foyer area.

Among other things on my list of 'must haves in the house', bookshelves hold a special place. Look how this pair of bookshelves alone in this room is making it so bright & lively. This simple design of a bookshelf can be easily made and is also available in most of the home décor stores. Just add some bright coloured books and artefacts to it and we can liven up any room or corner!

This design of chairs is evergreen & goes with any kind of set up, traditional or contemporary. In my opinion it would look best in dark wood with a soft coloured upholstery.

A shoe rack this size in the closet is every shoe obsessed girl's dream (and yes I belong to that league) and if it came in this shade I'd run and grab it!

This Love poster in gold can be used to add zing to any room. You can buy this online in a colour of your choice here & this mirror over the console is a stunner!

Try a round or oval shaped mirror over a square sink in the bathroom, I find this look very interesting. And do not miss the WOW magazine holder on the floor!

I know its only my second post, but being a bit of a visionary (Yes! That's what I like to call myself sometimes) I can foresee many more posts in future which will be based on such interesting items in particular. So from now on all such posts will go under the section labelled 'What an Item'.

Hope you enjoy this as much as i did. I would love to hear your feedback...Tschüss!

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's my First!

"Decorate your homes. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is" quoted Charles M. Schulz, a famous American cartoonist…..and I say Hell ya! Life's always better with a little illusion.

Ever since I was little, I have been drawn to beautiful homes and the little things that go into beautifying them. The love for pretty home decors has only grown since and little did I realize until recently that the strong emotion of GLEE that I feel when I indulge in anything related to ‘it’, was pushing me to do something about ‘it’! So here I am…writing a blog on ‘it’ (I know! Enough with the 'its' already..)

In today’s post I am sharing a beautiful country home of Portuguese interior designer Monica Penaguiao in PalmelaPortugal. 

The Turkish rug and the beautiful cushions are infusing life into this sitting area and ohh!...Indian charpoys in the shack! 

The jute rugs in the house & a hint of darkwood perfectly compliment the all white walls and floor

The use of black & the metallic pieces add drama to this bedroom

Sigh! And where can I find these bespoke green dishes and the beautiful wine glasses to go??

Haven't stopped daydreaming about this perfect getaway home since I first lay my eyes on it in a feature done by Trendland

Hope to post again very soon...Tschüss!