Saturday, 28 March 2015

Amazon India Fashion week 2015 Day2 - DMP picks favourites

AIFW Day 2 took us to places, the inspirations for each designer's collection drew a journey for the audience. Where Rahul Gandhi & Rahul Khanna took us to a cold & dark forest with hints of white, Hemant & Nandita to Kashmir, Pallavi Mohan transported us to a 1920's winter,  Samant Chauhan's collection showcased Nepal's culture of worshipping womanhood, Amit Aggrawal brought us back to our hindu culture through the Bindi inspired collection, Malini Ramani took us to the tribal and Abraham and Thakore ended the day with a mix of old & new! Here are our favourite looks of the day.

Rohit Gandhi And Rahul Khanna


Hemant and Nandita




Pallavi Mohan


Samant Chauhan


Amit Aggrawal


Malini Ramani


Abraham and Thakore


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Amazon India Fashion Week Day1 - DMP picks favourites

Amazon Fashion Week 2015 kicked off today with Rajesh Pratap Singh's Hospital themed inaugural show, showcasing his 'Medicine is the best laughter' Autumn Winter '15 collection.

We were pleasantly surprised by the play out which left us both amused as well as intrigued. Amused by the runway setup and the act - a perfectly executed funny with hospital beds lining the runway and the occasional seizures and dance breakouts performed by the models playing nurses and patients. And intrigued by the back to basics, black and white collection marked with clean checks, stripes and fat polka dots. All this while the perfectly in sync music by Grain, Karsh Kale and Ankur Tiwari kept the whole 'dark shades of humour' atmosphere going.





Kavita Bhartiya's collection was all about nudes, navy and black with beautiful detailing on the pieces. Very smooth on the eyes, yet eye catching because of the intricate work. We are loving
these outfits right now...

We saw Anju Modi create a fairytale with her collection this season and how! It was like a fantasy world had come alive on the runway with models trotting in a perfect mix of bright and subtle hues. The beautiful patterns and fabric further added to the magic. Our favourite looks from the show...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Givenchy's New Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts

Riccardo Tisci, the man behind the brand Givenchy casts Julia Roberts as the face of their latest Spring Summer '15 campaign.

The campaign features the actress dressed in the signature styles of the brand with natural hair and makeup, portraying the real & unpretentious woman of today!

 Images: 1, 2 & 3

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Winter Body Care: The French got it right!

It's mid December already but the winters are still being kind to us here up North. I'm loving the pleasant nip in the air during the evenings and the generous afternoon sun. But the one thing that hasn't changed this year is the dry and dehydrated skin which comes to me as naturally as the wilt to flowers come snow. Thus, the hunt begins for the right products!

Like most people, even I have been fed with ideas by my mother about the natural stuff that can never go wrong for skin care. And like pre loaded information in a computer, my brain tends to look for those ingredients as a precursor to approving a beauty product as safe and effective to use. 

For me, one such important ingredient is almond oil and the other self created must haves are for it to smell awesome & to be French. So beauty brands, if you are reading this, you had me at "contains almond oil" and "made in France"!

So here are my recent buys from Loccitane En Provence (my body care favorite of the season) to get winter ready!

The almond shower oil from the Almond collection leaves the skin feeling hydrated and don't worry about it being an oil as it lathers well with water. The body milk and velvet hand cream from the latest Arlesienne collection leave behind a graceful floral fragrance that lingers.

P.S. The pictures are shoppable! 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Casual Fridays for Him

Friday dressing is tricky business. Why not approach it in a very 'timeless trend' (read doable) way? We can't go as far as linen pants and wont stay limited to jeans. We've got to keep it casual but at the same time, look sharp.

So we thought, who other than our favourite Don Draper of Mad Men can make the casuals look that slick? So easy yet so classic!

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Style Hunter: KB

Monday, 27 January 2014

Let's lay the table!

It doesn't matter if you are

someone who loves to entertain at home


someone who likes it quiet.

All you need to be,

to want to own this look,

is a lover of great presentation, an appreciator of beauty!




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Main image: Tumblr