Monday 27 August 2012


U know those times when you see some place and it looks a little unreal, it makes you wonder what it must feel like to live in a place like that? That's how I felt when I lay my eyes on these pristine babies, check them out...

Images: T.B.H.Co
The decorating trick here seems to be that single focal point in each room. This focal point could be a pop of color or the shape or size of an accessory, but it has to shout out to you when you enter the room. 

Now go back up and notice the black chandelier(very boho!) - Room1, the over sized mirror - Room2, the tan leather chair - Room3, the larger than life map in a frame - Room4 and the unmissable barn door - Room5. Each one of these items add that 'wow' factor to the rooms while the heavenly white backdrops create the perception of space. 

# Lesson: Going subtle and single shaded (pastels if not white) in those tight areas in the house will help add the space effect and in order to liven it up, go fetch a showstopper. 


  1. True Shilpi! Before I post any pictures here I always dream ov living in em :)