Friday 20 July 2012

Oh My Mid-Century Credenza!

I say "Credenza" and you think I'm babbling Italian. Well hello! I was only talking about sideboards...Brag much? I think so! - I recently learnt that a sideboard is also called a credenza, don't you just love the sound of it? Wait till you hear the Italians say it.

So moving on from my obsession with the word, I think I'v got the most fabulous looking Mid-Century style credenzas lined up for you. Go ahead and take a peek!

Now you know what I'm talking about? Doesn't it take you back in time to the 60s? 

The idea is to have a piece of furniture that doesn't blend with the rest, which looks out of place yet adds that fun element to your space. So I think quirky is the way to go with these lovely mid century styled pieces and this is how...

In case you want color but not too knocked out of proportion than the rest of the set up then how about these...

While I try to get one of these custom made for myself (I know ill never get a ready made one to my exact liking) why don't you ponder over the kind you'd like for yourself and share with me via the comment box below.

Till I see you again...Salve!

All Images: Houzz

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  1. Misha, great collection of images! I love credenzas too. Think they are a must have for any interior. Perfect for dining areas