Sunday 22 December 2013

December: Christmas & Festivities!

My most distinct memories of December are from the time when I was at school. Having studied at a Christian school, its hard to forget the ritual of witnessing/ acting in the Nativity play followed by the fun Christmas party, every year before the Christmas break. This went on for fourteen years of my life!

Well, it was always great for the kids who played the main characters like Mary and Joseph and even the three wise men, baby Jesus in the manger was mostly some toddler's doll, who probably named it Jesus after that. The awkward part, however, was for those who got picked to play the farm animals. Being on all fours for the length of the play, wearing a sheep face or worse if you were the donkey or the ox, was never a pretty feeling. Let alone the mockery one had to face at the hands of the bored audience who had little to do other than that. The dancing and singing at the party after helped cover up a little though. If only liquor chocolates were to be handed out as Christmas gifts, it could have been the perfect ending!

Nevertheless, it has always been an exciting time, be it the excitement of breaking for Christmas holidays back then or of partying with friends and family now. So while we are high on festive spirit, I'd like to share some great Christmasy ideas for your homes.

Here is a beautiful Christmas look put together by The Home Label, an interesting and unique layout as they use red and blue instead of the obvious greens.

The Home Label is not just another online home store, it is more of a home decor manual, a goto place when you are in decorating doubt. They do not poke you to buy, but instead provide you with curated ready to adopt looks based on different themes. Their products help you add style and character to your homes, the talented Sussanne Roshan being their stylist. You can shop this Christmas look here.

Some of my other favourite looks from this store are this and this. Go check them out and thank me later.

Wish you all a Happy Christmas and holidays filled with tonz O fun!

Image: The Home Label

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