Friday 25 November 2011

Hand made in India!!

Off late I have been reading about the handicrafts industry in India and about all the craft communities dwelling in different parts of our country. And as I read on about these highly skilled artisans and the welfare organisation working for them, full of awe & admiration, I find myself getting pulled towards them. 

So as you must have guessed by now, today's feature is on the work of such artisans. The craftsmanship of many of these artisans is governed by an organisation called AIACA - All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association which works towards improving their livelihood by helping them market their products. 

So here are some of the beautiful items from their latest catalogue...

Simply loved the colors and the botanical designs

     This has been called the 'Nomad' collection of scarves & shawls by artisans from Bhuj

What elegant cushion designs!

Besides this dazzling collection, I really admired the great photography but was unable to find any information about the artist.

Hope you enjoyed this feature and felt the same love for these artisans as I did. Do drop in your comments as its always lovely to hear from you. So till next time...CIAO!!  

Photo credits - AIACA 2011 catalogue

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  1. "Simbly" Beautiful pics, which means really cool in South Indian english.

    India is the best and I liked the second picture the most.

    Now I'm confident, this is where u ought to be.