Friday 11 November 2011

Love at first sight!

I instantly fell in love with the home linen by H&M that I found on Trendland

This would pep me up every morning

Now I know exactly what to ask for when someone's coming down from the UK, so all my cousins & aunts out there, I hope you are reading this ;)

Photo credits: Trendland


  1. Now even I know what is Trendland.....don't know anyone in UK, so maybe ur aunts could help me as well.

  2. Sure I will, as soon as i find someone to get these for me :)

  3. Aaaah !!! so you have started working on my room....this is great :) wat wud i do without you sistAAAA ..xoxoxo !

  4. Is this really by H&M? That will make it affordable.Are you sure you want it? I'll find out when Mum is coming to India xxx