Monday 27 February 2012

Look what I chanced upon...!!

It's worth a thought how a vacation always seems too short as compared to the period of anticipation before it begins. It starts with all the rush and excitement of having reached the destination, then the state of repose and inaction when you feel as if this has been 'your' way of life, followed by the 'all you can see and do' schedule in the last two days and it finally ends with the birth of a new plan for the next holiday in your greedy little mind.

It was during the second phase of my recent retreat, while taking a stroll on the streets of Goa that I chanced upon this beautiful store with all things Moroccan. The gentleman who owned the store let us in on some dope about the stuff displayed there while tossing an invite at us to an after beach party at a club(which by the way was owned by him too). The carpets in the store had been brought in all the way from Marrakesh and most of the lamps & accessories were sourced from other parts of Morocco. Me being me, loved every minute spent here.

Here are some of the things I found interesting at this lovely store...

Hope you enjoyed this too and look forward to hearing from you.
I feel super as I finish writing today's post and excited to bring you another colorful feature soon. Adeus!