Saturday 2 March 2013

Good Homes and Us...

The lovely people at Good Homes organised a great afternoon for us, the bloggers clan, at the hip Shiro this February. Creative & interesting people, beautiful ambiance, yummy food & drinks & lots of fun chitter-chatter...what's not to love? 

Images by Good Homes & Priti

Be it school, college or the B school, I'v hardly ever got to be in a place where all the people share the same interests or speak the same language, which in this case is of interiors (that I mostly speak to myself in my head). But Good Homes made it possible by getting us all together at one place and Oh! what fun it was.

A big thank you to all the pretty girls from the Good Homes Team ie. Ronitaa the editor, Dipti from the brand team, Simran & Vineeta from the design & features team and Parul from Shiro. You guys rock!

And the beautiful people from the blog world ie Bhavna, Rajee, Shalini, Priti, Laxami, Aarti & Prachi, it was so much fun to meet you all and hope to catch up with you guys again soon.

There are a lot of new things happening at Decorate Me Pretty's end and I have some interesting stuff to share with you all very soon, so please stay put till my next post....cya soon!


  1. Hey, that's so sweet! Really, it was an amazing experience of meeting like minded people under one roof...pleased to meet you Misha xx :)

  2. Same here Priti, we should catch up again soon :)

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  4. Hi Misha,

    Reading and following your blog. :):).. I so wish I lived in India be able to get some like minded together-ness... !!! See you around the blog world.

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