Thursday 10 January 2013


As I write my first post of this brand new year, I reminisce a bit about the bygone and dream a little of the times to come. With a million thoughts and plans in my mind about the whole year ahead of me, I take the liberty of editing and quoting lines from a poem by T.S. Elliot to suit the occasion...

"In the year gone by I found words I never thought to speak, in streets I never thought I would visit. For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await another voice..."

True that 11th of the first month of the year is not exactly a typical date for new beginnings, but then there are all sorts of people in the world and some of them aren't called late bloomers for nothing. 

Last year brought a couple of important 'firsts' in my life. It started with the first big interiors exhibit I got to attend with my best friend and I still remember how excited we were to be there, like little kids left alone in Disneyland. Following this was the mesmerizing trip to beautiful Prague. As it is it felt like a dream to be there , but then there was Designblok! the design festival of Prague that happened to fall just at the right time. 

Today I'd like to take you on a tour...think of it as a gallery display of designs that I picked out for you while I was in Prague. Enjoy!

Enter: Designblok - Living

Enter: Designblok - Lights

Enter: Designblok - Kids

A cute little shop the I fell in love with...

Do not miss the quirky lamp and the pretty ceramics

Would it be appropriate to say that I might have virtually 'curated' this collection? Well who's the judge here when 'To Curate' seems to be the most liberally used term of this era! 

I'll leave you with this picture of Prague city in all it's beauty at dusk, until I see you next...


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