Wednesday 15 January 2014

New year, new beginnings!

We wanted to start this new year by talking about our love for aesthetics. But then again that thought was haunting my mind. The thought that never leaves my side every time I finish writing a post. The thought that, is it enough to just write about the things that we love and leave it at that? What if the the reader wants to know more? What is it that 'we' want when we read something like this? 

The mind was devoted to bring something new and of use to you. Brains were rattled. Ideas were floated. Questions were asked and answers were delivered, they went something like this…

Q. How many times have you come across killer outfits/ interior layouts on the internet, magazines etc.? 
A. Only all the time…Duh!

Q. How many times have you longed/ lusted for them? 
A. Umm…almost always!

Q. What are the chances of you finding the exact same stuff to put together those looks? 
A. Well, pretty bleak! And besides that, who's got the time in the world to hunt?

Love and longing triumphed as always and the paradox prevails...the cruelty of longing is too kind to us and the time is always running against!

Therefore, we decided to kill the resistance and bridge the gap between longing and acquiring/ buying. 
After all, we love to be the Messiah! (I just realized that the word Messiah has not been used since Christ! But somehow it popped in my head, I'm telling you its god talking through me right now..)

So how are we going to do all this bridging? Fret not!

This year we will not only bring to you ensembles that appeal to your senses, but will go a step ahead and help you shop those looks too.

We shall strive to keep up to your standards and provide you the best that we can by using the concoction of styling sense (we hope!) and the vigilant eye!

This comes to life in our next post, so stay put and wait for it please!

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  1. I have to mention this again that ........wait a moment.
    waah bhai waah..u are a great blogger and keep up the good work.
    Look forward to your next blog.

    Best part is I improve upon my vocab after reading ur blogs.