Tuesday 17 July 2012

Glam Jam

Sometimes all you need is a nudge to get back on track...

a track which you choose for yourself at some point, a track which you think you were actually meant to amble on, a track which lets you escape your worries and takes you with it on a beautiful journey, a track from which you are very likely to stray again owing to the 'apparently more important stuff'....yea well, I guess I am back for now! 

So I have GLAMOUR on my mind as of this moment and this is what I dug up...

I am loving everything about this 'at home work place'! The cool white furniture, the yellow and teal sit ons beautifully complimenting each other and last but the most important glamorous golds -  the Oh! so gorgeous golden leafy piece on the back wall and pretty gold lamps.

A perfect foyer decor with the fresh blues and surprisingly the wallpaper doesn't look bad either. Don't mind my cynical tone here but I'm not a big fan of damask designed wallpapers. So in my opinion if one must use it remember not to keep carved furniture in the same room. 

The gold frame adding all the charm here!

This room has a very earthen look and the golden framed pictures add a glamorous English old world 
charm to it.
(Yes! you've guessed it right that there's got to be a bit of gold for it to be glamorous)

Adding a tasteful chandelier to a room is another instant formula for glamorizing it, just like it does for this otherwise rustic decor. 

So that's a wrap and I got to go to bed now and will be back tomorrow, till then Ciao!
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All Images: Pinterest


  1. I'm thankful to whatever or whoever nudged u to write this one ;)
    As always a very interesting and inspiring post..i love how one carefully selected element can add so much of sophistication.

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it.